Outdoor Gas Burners

PTO30-C-610x340 (1)

Outdoor Burners for Custom Applications


For custom designs, the Regency Plateau™ outdoor gas burner brings you the design versatility of a linear stainless steel burner for multiple applications. Available in 30″ (PTO30) or install two together to make a 60″ burner (PTO60).

Custom application using a Regency Plateau™ PTO30 Burner and PTO30 See-Through Framing Kit with stainless steel inner panels and cultured stone.

Specifications NG LP
Maximum BTU 50,000 49,000

Custom PTO60 application using 2 Regency Plateau™ PTO30 burners, windshield and PTO60 table framing kit.

Framing kit dimensions: 79″W x 24″D x 24″H

Specifications NG LP
Maximum BTU 100,000 98,000