Blaze King BX24 Boxer

The BX24 Boxer is very clean and efficient. Performance is balanced to deliver a greater amount of radiant heat through the large glass door. Blaze King offers the highest efficiencies and cleanest burns available.


Performance (LHV) Performance (HHV B415)
Maximum heat input 311,344 BTU’s 311,344 BTU’s
Efficiency 83.2% 77% (As listed by EPA)
Constant Heat output on High 32,101 BTU’s/h for 8 hours 29,780 BTU’s/h for 8 hours
Constant Heat output on Low 12,840 BTU’s/h for up to 20 hours 11,912 BTU’s/h for up to 20 hours
CO% Weighted Average 0.13%
Square Feet Heated 800 – 1800
Maximum Log Size 22″
Burn Time Up to 24 hours on low
Emissions (grams/hour) 0.9 g
Firebox Size 2.3 cu. ft.
Unit Dimensions